Stacy Weiner
LIFEMassage, LLC
Licensed Massage Therapist
Master's Degree in Sports Medicine
Certified Manual Lymphatic Drainage Practitioner

Location: Neptune Township, NJ
Office: 732-642-9674/ Cell: 917-880-5604
Fax: 732-361-6500
Life Massage, LLC is located in a quiet residential
area. If you are looking for a warm and inviting
atmosphere, this is the place for you! The sole
massage therapist is Stacy Weiner.  Stacy always
gives 110% of herself and tries very hard to work
around her clients busy schedules.  She is very
knowledgeable in her field and is constantly staying
abreast of all new therapeutic modalities.  She is an
extremely warm and compassionate therapist.  Her
clients vary from a gentle Swedish massage to a deep
tissue massage depending on each client's needs.  
Don't let her size fool you; she is "tiny but mighty".  
This is not a Spa; it is strictly a therapeutic massage facials here!  If you have aches and pains
Stacy is the girl you want!  Stacy is a very
professional and intuitive individual.  She can work on
muscles some clients never thought existed.  Whatever
the reason for your massage, all of her clients know
they are "in good hands".